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Being Alone

What is Jesus trying to show us? Everything he does and says leaves clues to both life and faith. In Matthew 14 we hear an interesting comment by the writer, who says Jesus went off to pray and was alone. What happens when we are alone? Jesus is revealing one of the...

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Scripture reveals our spiritual nature and body along with how they work. At times we wonder how come our spiritual side doesn’t have more presence and power, failing to realize we are approaching it with a worldly interpretation. In the transfiguration of Jesus, we...

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Unconditional Love

Our first scripture passages remind us that nothing in the world can separate us from God’s love. God created us, and God loves us unconditionally (warts and all). What an incredibly marvelous God we have. Prayer is the way we can communicate with God and listen to...

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Youth Sunday

This week is Youth Sunday! We will be talking about our trip to the Apache Indian Reservation in Mescalero, New Mexico. You will get hear stories of each day from the youth group and their adventures throughout the week. The road we traveled was very similar to the...

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Seed Planting

Our Scripture passages concern family relationships and seed planting. We will consider these two things to see what the Bible shares with us. Weekly Message July 16 -...

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Freedom and Bondage

Last week we celebrated our national independence and the freedoms we enjoy as citizens. On Sunday we examined ideas around freedom and bondage. Jesus expressed some of the same ideas, but used the term ”yokes” to describe some of his ideas about bondage. Another...

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