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ABC Missionaries

Sunday we host Denise Aragon, along with her husband Juan, they are newly appointed ABC missionaries, to Chiapas, Mexico. She shares their journey to become missionaries and what ministries they hope to develop to support the churches in Chiapas. Both our church and...

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We begin with an update of the mission projects we were involved with in Bluefields, Kukra and Rama, Nicaragua. All are doing wonderfully and it was a pleasure to catch up with the Nicaragua church leaders who are managing these church schools. Our participation in...

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Moses was an interesting guy, although I suspect that he did not look like Charleston Heston. He had a very distinctive role in our faith journey. I urge you to reflect on his role an how it affects you. –Rev. Jan Parke Weekly Newsletter May 28th...

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Mother’s Day

Mary’s encounter with the angels was filled with fear and awe. Did she realize these emotions would dominate her life? Jesus’ relationship with his mother and what she experienced leads our thought and celebration of Mother’s Day. Mary goes through a roller coaster of...

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Good Shepherds

Every year at this time we revisit this passage in John where Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd.” John 10:11. This passage is also tied to Psalm 23, bringing in numerous images of shepherd and their sheep throughout the Old Testament. The role of the shepherds fills...

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The Dominican Republic

This Sunday we share views and reflections on our mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Our mission was very fulfilling and all who we met send their greetings and love to you. We wired a church with electricity, placing both lights and fans so they can reach into...

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