There is always something happening with FBC. Check out the FBC Calendar below by hovering over the highlighted date.

FBC Calendar

Here are Birthdays for November 2017

1st- Steve Olander & David Cook
6th- Becca Giffin
7th- Jerry Brewster
8th- JoAnn Parson
9th- Judy Cook
17th- LaCinda Griffin
18th- Evan Patterson
21st- Brent Billinger
23rd- Grace Soremi
26th- Tom Griffin
27th- Barbara Lawson Shue & Yvonne French
29th- Sara Patterson

Here are Birthdays for December

2nd- Steve Scott
6th Cayden Whitney
7th- Ros Dickinson
8th- Beulah Creek, Emily Ward, Hunter Beatty & Hana Billinger
11th- Todd Olander
17th- Donis Sowell & Dale Hoff
21st- Christiana Soremi
24th- J.J. Farrell
27th- Gloria Littrell
28th- Sharon Lee
30th- Ruth Palmer & Jim Geist
31st- Marsha Olander & Jan