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Worship Service will start at 10am for  this church season

Starting on September 10th we will change the start of our worship to 10am from 9:30am. 

Sunday Sept 10, 2017


Mission Projects

After Easter, a small group from FBC and Calvary Baptist will be serving on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  We will be helping finish a small church in a poor area outside of Boca Chica. It will include installing electricity for the people who are starting this new church.

We will be hosted by our missionary friends Ketly and Vitale Pierre.


The Missions Team returned from Cochabamba, Bolivia in late January 2016.  You can see more of the pictures by clicking here.


Joining with the House of Hope, Bolivia we were able to help set up three Aquaponics installations that will provide food and income for two different ministries in Cochabamba and one in Toro Toro.





Chiapas, Mexico  Our mission group has returned from Mexico again to support Chuck Shawyer in completing construction on the church building in Maravilla.  It was an incredible trip and we were able to accomplish a great deal.

The Church building is now complete!

Here are some pictures from the trip Click Here

Here are pictures from our last mission trip to Chiapas in 2012. Click Here

On December 19, 2010, our Chapel was officially rededicated. It was standing room only as so many of the congregation joined in the service. How wonderful to see the transformation from a dirty storage room to a beautiful restored chapel filled with the family of First Baptist Church.

What is in the future for the Chapel? It is a perfect venue for small services, weddings, renewal of vows, memorials, recitals, and more. It would be nice to have a lecture series take place there as well as Bible studies. The intimacy of the room makes it ideal for special meetings and group functions. We would like to see the Chapel become an outreach into our community. Future plans include community marketing ideas. In the late Springs we anticipate an Open House for the Loveland community to see our beautiful Chapel.

Perhaps a more significant role for the Chapel is one for each of us as individuals. It is a wonderful place to share with a friend or to be by yourself. The soft gentle light from the windows surround one with a sense of peace. It is a place of prayer, of communion, and of thankfulness. It is our Chapel—to be used by us. Please share in its serenity.