Missions have a long history at First Baptist.  Service to others has been one of our strongest beliefs and spreading the word of GOD throughout our world is a mission we passionately follow.  To glorify God in all the earth by crossing cultural boundaries and helping people come to faith in Jesus, grow in their relationship with God and change their worlds through the power of the Spirit.

We have done considerable work in our local community with groups such as Neighbor-to-Neighbor,  Birthline of Loveland  Crop Walk for Hunger and serve as a Shelter for Loveland’s Homeless.  We’ve also partnered with the American Baptist International Ministries on mission projects in Nicaragua, Chile, in Chiapas, MexicoCochabamba, Bolivia and most recently the Dominican Republic.  We look forward to further mission projects.

If you’d like to be involved in our Missions Projects, please connect with us by calling 970-443-2722 or our Contact Form.

Dominican Republic Mission April 2017

Dominican Republic Mission 2017
Our recent mission trip to Boca Chica, Dominican Republic in late April 2017 was very successful! We once again worked with Ketly and Vital Pierre in helping install electrical wiring in a new church outside of Boca Chica. The Pastor Mariana and her assistant Pastor Jose Luis were thrilled and eager to move forward with establishing a new community church facility. Our Pastor John Turnage also conducted a leadership presentation for 90+ people about overcoming the cycle of poverty that traps many Haitian Dominicans from growing economically and spiritually.  We look forward to staying in touch with our Dominican neighbors and spreading the Word through generous acts of service in His name.


Dominican Republic 2017 Slideshow

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First Baptist has partnered with the Pierre’s on multiple Mission projects over the past 11 years in Bluefields, El Rama and Kukra Hill, Nicaragua.  Most recently, FBC has explored ways to partner with them in the Dominican Republic, where the newest stage of their mission work begins. The Pierre’s have done tremendous work in Nicaragua over the years! To see some of their incredible work, please visit www.missionbluefields.org 

The Pierre’s now work on the East Coast of the Dominican Republic to strengthen local churches and encourage existing churches to plant new ones and disciple new members. One way they do this is by leading and coordinating seminars and workshops. Through these sessions, pastors and leaders of local congregations learn how to start and strengthen a broad range of outreach ministries in their communities. The Pierre’s also serve as a link with volunteer groups, matching them with local ministries according to where they would be the most effective, as well as encouraging and facilitating Haitian mission work both within the D.R. and abroad.


New Country of Service for Ketly and Vital Pierre




Our recent Mission Trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia was in January, 2016. The trip included representatives from First Baptist of Loveland, Rising Star Missionary Baptist and Calvary Baptist in Denver, Colorado. Through House of Hope in Cochabamba, we helped set up several large Aquaponics installations, conducted a dental clinic and provided solar lights for several different communities in Cochabamba and Toro Toro, Bolivia.   House of Hope, run by our friends Carmen and Ricardo, is involved in multiple ministries around Cochabamba.

Cochabamba 2016 Slideshow

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